The Hurt Locker

June 21, 2009



One of the most surprising movies I’ve seen all year. The movie takes place in Iraq… yet has not even a hint of “pro America”, “anti war”, or POLITICS. It’s just a setting for something a bit deeper and more enthralling. There is no testosterone-fueled combat, big guns, or stupid “war is hell” moments. The director is a woman to boot. Probably what makes this movie feel like a breath of fresh-air compared to it’s counter parts. I honestly came close to considering it one of the top five movies I’ve ever seen. It’s at least top ten.

The ending drives this movie home and leaves you with an awkward aftertaste that takes moments to fully process and mull over.

I am also taking this time to invent a arbitrary rating system. I give this movie a
9.1 / 10


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