The Fountain

July 13, 2009

The Fountain


The fountain is an abstract love story about the fragility of life and the concept of death. It’s a surreal movie who’s time-span is over 1000 years (from 1500AD to 2500AD) and covering 3 parallel story lines. If you are not used to abstract movies this could get complicated and troublesome when attempting to identify what to follow.

The movie was super low budget despite some beautiful graphics. I was impressed they got some heavy names for such low cash but they apparently loved the screenplay enough to want to do it. I’m not generally a fan of the concept of ‘big name actors’ but I suppose it stems from reliability of product and comfort in choice.

The movie is a work of art. Attempt to find a good 720-1080p release of it that shows it’s true glory because this is a very visually oriented movie.