The Sky Crawler / Sukai Kurora


Admittedly I watched this movie in about 6 separate viewings spanning 5 weeks because something always came up whilst watching it. I’d say the time-line is the near future or alternate present. Nothing is really too ‘outside the realm of reality’ per say. The art is rather intriguing with almost 2 dimensional character animation that is on par with South Park and background art so vivid and detailed that it challenges that of some of the great 2D hand-drawn art Disney mastered before sidelining it for the 3D cgi bullshit.

The character pauses and long silences I have always been a fan of but I could see someone not enjoying them. Attention spans suck today and a good 10 second scene of two people just staring at each otherĀ  while drinking may go against the common grain. I felt like the plot really didn’t start getting developed until an hour into the film but when it did it made all the trivial crap from the first half extremely relevant. There were some twists and ‘hints’ that I should have gotten early but my intermittent watching kinda threw off my game.

The characters reminded me of mannequins, I liked the extended pauses, the air fights were amazing, and there is multiple subs/dubs to choose from.