Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

July 10, 2009

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


C’mon. Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer in a comedy? Epic win.  One of the top 3 comedies I’ve ever seen and fairly recent too (2005). Instead of putting in a trailer I put in an interview where Val and Downey fuck with the inerviewer by spreading as much lies as they can within 5 minutes.

Downey plays a scrubby thief turned actor and Val Kilmer plays a gay private investigator who, from time to time, helps actors prepare for their roles via ride-alongs. The style of comedy reminds you of House MD with quick snidely sarcastic retorts and pointing out the flaws in stating the obvious. “Is this the body?” “No. It’s the body the last person to rent this room left here by mistake.” “Fuck you”.

Lots of nudity, a spider, guns, bodies, comedy, and ‘lol’ moments.




July 7, 2009



Saw this and didn’t realize it was Tom Hardy (Handsom Bob from RocknRolla) until months after the fact.  Holy crap? So it’s a movie based on the life of “Britain’s most expensive criminal”. He has spent over 20 years in solitary confinement so far in what appears to be a life sentence that started from a simple robbery that netted £26.18. His jail sentence was raised repeatedly for various in-prison actions that eventually lead to so 120+ prison transfers until it became cheaper just to create a special unit just for him.

The movie is stylized in a awkward Clockwork Orange-esque fashion that almost glorifies Charlie Bronson rather than it’s original aim at detracting from the violence of it all. But it does that too. It’s more like looking through his eyes. Bright colors, self-narrative, brilliant monologues in painted face, and all somewhat whimsical and random. It felt like a comedy encasing a documentary that highlighted a possible injustice. I had mixed feelings on it’s overall message but it was rather enthralling none-the-less.

Lots of full frontal nudity, bare-knuckle boxing, and artistically hilarious cut-scenes. The trailer is perfect for what the film is.