July 13, 2009



Transformation, Anarchy, Rebirth

Tokyo is a movie composed of 3 short stories. The first is transformation (“evolution”). It follows a couple who are looking for an apartment and staying at a friends place while they attempt to get jobs and work while promoting the boyfriend’s movie. It slowly shifts into the surreal as the girlfriend finds herself useless and evolution takes over.

The second story is of anarchy. It centers around a leprechaun looking sewer dweller named “Merde” which is apparently french for “shit”. He comes out of his sewer to eat flowers and cash. And sometimes he comes out just to kill the locals because he hates them and hates people in general. He is essentially the accumulated and tangible essence of all the resentment city life causes it’s inhabitants. He is the amplified evil.

The third story, rebirth, is the weaker of the three. It focuses on a recluse falling for a recluse and his steps and journey in locating her. It hints at how despite being in a city and shoulder to shoulder with people; they never ‘see’ you or are really in your life. Everyone is isolated from everyone else and everyone is just background noise.

Overall I loved it/them. A good movie if you are looking for a change of pace.