The Phantom of the Opera (2004 theatrical release)


“Sing once again with me… a strange duet. My power over you… grows stronger yet.”
This is quite possibly the most watched movie of my life. I am sure I see it several times a month. It holds a great deal of sentimental value but that sorta has to be omitted in the pursuit of something a tad less bias. The cast is magic. No really. Fucking magic. I didn’t even know anyone in the cast until 5 years after I saw the movie and I was jaw dropped. They all did their own singing and were splendidly chosen.

This is hands down one of the more erotic movies I own despite what may be a PG13 rating. Brainwashing and seducing a girl; feeling her up with her own hands in front of her future husband and a crowd of hundreds. Fuck yes. Christine’s makeup fluctuates from scene to scene to show her possession and seduction to the phantom via sexy smokey eye shadow and flushed cheeks. Her expressions are that of a constant orgasm. Nightwish did a pretty good cover:

In short, it’s an musical about obsession, seduction, and evil breeding evil. Amazing soundtrack and the costume design is superb.